Why opt for the Design-Build-Live approach when it’s time to build, remodel or renovate your Maryland home?  Put simply, utilizing an integrated team process at the beginning of your project ensures that every aspect is addressed simultaneously from start to finish rather than segregated by phases.  By enlisting our Design-Build-Live approach, you’re guaranteed that your home’s building concerns and interior functions or details are addressed while the architectural plans are being developed.  Here’s a brief summary of our process:


  1. Initial Contact & Meeting
    A member of our team will respond to your inquiry to get details about your project and set up a no-cost, on-site, and in-person meeting. This initial meeting is an opportunity to gain an understanding of a potential client’s goals and whether our team process is a good fit for your project.  (UPDATE:  We follow all COVID-19 safety guidelines.  If preferred, this initial meeting can be arranged virtually. )
  2. Site Visit, Team Meeting, & Design Proposal
    During the initial meeting, we will continue the exploratory process of project visioning, introduce the team members, and review their specific roles in your unique project.  Discovering the team’s synergy and developing a client relationship are mutual trust-building factors in our Design | Build | Live process.  If our comprehensive process meets the needs of the client and project, a written “Phase I – Design Proposal” will be presented to move to the next phase in our process.
  3. Design Meetings & Conceptual Designs
    This phase involves in-depth conversations about your project and investment.  After carefully noting your desires during our initial meetings and design sessions, we begin to create a conceptual design that includes multiple plan options, various ideas for the creation of the new or renovated spaces, and a detailed list of items you would like addressed in your home.
  4. Final Schematic Conceptual Design
    This step in the process is key!  If your goal is to have a distinctive home that reflects your specific lifestyle and function, this is when the success of our collaborative design team approach begins to shine.  Great architectural plans don’t just happen.  They require careful planning from a diverse design-build team who listen to your needs and desires carefully while creating the conceptual plans.  This phase takes the various ideas from Phase 3 and hones the “Comprehensive Schematic Design” to continue the budgeting and interior design portion of the process.
  5. Design Development, Construction Documents, Budgeting & Permitting
    To get superior construction results, we need a comprehensive plan of action to ensure your project is completed successfully and on budget.  It requires a thorough knowledge of design and planning.  During the pre-construction phase, the team works closely with our clients to further develop the designs and transform the conceptual design into construction documents and determine a realistic budget.  Selections, details, plan updates, and finalization of the design are achieved in this phase.  We then move on to coordinating all the building permit applications and track filings.
  6. Interior Design
    Since our lead interior designer has been present from the very start, transitioning design-build documents into a Design | Build | Live reality is easy.  With the interior portion of a new construction or renovation project being considered from the beginning, this ensures that no livability detail has been missed.  We can now begin assisting with all the interior finish selections for an overall cohesive design scheme and ultimate function that fits within your expectations and budget.
  7. Construction Administration, Detailing & Interior Design
    In this phase of the process, you’ll continue receiving regular updates on the progress of your construction or renovation project.  The entire team remains available to assist or answer any questions.  Our interior design team continues to help with space planning and interior detailing while also coordinating selections. At the end of this phase, your project will be 100% complete and we’ll conduct a final walk through.  The Annapolis Design | Build | Live team will remain in touch, including conducting a 45-day follow up to ensure you’re enjoying your new space.